Eater's HOT LIST is out!

I love love love when this list comes out! They are always spot on with their reviews and, of course, it makes me feel like i'm 'in the know' of all the 'it' places in our beloved city.

Whether you try one, or all, it's a great resource to help you decide on your next date spot!

Seattle Eater's Heat Map - August 2015

2015 Seattle Valentine's Day Date Ideas!

Well, hello friends!!

It's been WAY too long. Apologies. Life has gotten away with us and, while we are still honoring date night, we are falling a wee bit behind on blogging them.

HOWEVER, there is one post that we canNOT skip out on, and that is the Valentine's Day List of to-do's!

Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year so of course, there are heaps of fun events you can spend part of your weekend doing, all celebrating this lovely little holiday of love.

List below - we'll continue to add to it as we discover more great happenings. Enjoy!

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V-Day 2015 In Seattle

Get Active:

Cupid's Undie Run! / Feb 14

St Valentine's Day Dash (Greenlake) / Feb 14


Tons of fixed price menus showcasing the best that this city has to offer. Seattle Restaurant VDay Specials can be found here: Seattle Valentine's Dinner Events 2015

Flower and Garden Show / Feb 11-15

Get outside!

Free entrance to all national parks! (Feb 14-16, President's Day Weekend)

Free Entrance Days for Presidents Day Weekend | Mt Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park / February 14-16

Further Out:

Valentine's Day in Tacoma at the Botanical Conservatory / Feb 13

Sumner Wine Walk / Feb 14

Spirit of the WestThe Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering celebrates traditional cowboy music, poetry, art, gear, and chow in Ellensburg. (Feb 13-15)

Yakima Valley Red Wine and Chocolate Event / Feb 14

Take a romantic train ride to Portland for the weekend

...or, do what Brett and i are doing, and head to THIS RIDICULOUS PLACE!! More on that later. 😉


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